Moisés de Las Artes

A short film by Moisés Sánchez.

Synopsis: In 1965, the young painter Julio Visquerra, during an exhibition of his paintings in Costa Rica, meets the love of his life, Helena, a ballet dancer, but a tragedy will change many situations. Over the years and already in the autumn of life, Julio remembers the unforgettable spring kisses of his immortal beloved who keep that love alive, expressing his feelings through his art.

A story inspired by the Costa Rican ballet accident in Honduras in 1965. This short film contains scenes filmed in Italy and Honduras, this is the short version of the movie "Autumn of Your Lips". It also contains scenes set in the years 1965, 1977, 1999, 2015, 2018.


This short film is an official selection at the Florence International Film Festival in Italy and also at the Indie Short Fest in Los Angeles International Film Festival. Winner of the 2019 Spotlight Short Film Awards in Atlanta Georgia and finalist in New York Movie Awards.

Director and Producer 

Moisés Sánchez has a Bachelor of Arts with Orientation in Music and is a Teacher of Musical Education. He has been trained in the area of ​​Cinema and Television. He has been a professor at the Francisco Morazán National Pedagogical University in the area of ​​art, at the Polytechnic University of Engineering in the Film and Television career, at the National School of Music in the musical area. He held directorial positions in government in which he has promoted art and culture. He has directed and produced cinema in Honduras and Europe, is a composer and music producer and has excelled in music for cinema, has a variety of works for symphony orchestra, choir, contemporary band, chamber groups, piano, violin, cello. His most recent work is a musical based on the White City, which tells the search and findings of the lost city of the Monkey God. His most recent film production is a short film filmed in Honduras and Italy, and a documentary about the tragedy of Costa Rican ballet in Honduras.

Moisés Sánchez recently received a high honor from the Government of Korea where he was appointed Master of the world in the area of ​​art and specific culture in the field of piano and musical composition. You can see about the high decoration in the following video:

El Heraldo newspaper publication

Photos of the filming of the short film


Some movie frames

The director and producer Moisés Sánchez with the actress Fabiana Paladino.

The Crew

Fabiana Paladino is the Italian actress who stars to Helena Caccini in the short film "The Autumn of your Lips."
 She has a degree in foreign languages, lived for 6 years in Honduras where she met the filmmaker and musical composer Moisés Sánchez who offered him the protagonist in the short film.
 Fabiana lives in the province of Varese a city near Milan.  His mother is Scottish and his father Italian.  He speaks English, Spanish and Italian.

Patrizia Magnani acted as Natalia Visconti, the governess who took over Helena Caccini as a child, but who would meet again some years later.

Magnani Patrizia, born in Gallarate in 1963, lives in Varese.  She has two daughters 31 and 26 years old.

 She is an elementary school teacher, also teaches theater to children and works as a theater director and actress with her amateur theater company for over twenty years.

She speaks Italian and English.

Julio Visquerra is an extraordinary Honduran painter, he has exhibited his works in galleries around the world, he is an international painter.Visquerra has its own gallery in Valle de Angeles a beautiful town in Honduras.

Nelson Doblado acts as Julio Visquerra in his youth. Nelson is a music teacher, guitar expert. He is a composer and has been awarded a series of awards among which the "National Art Award 2018" stands out. He has his music academy in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Lili Castro is a professional photographer, studied audiovisual communication and show lighting in Spain, has been in charge of cinematographic photography in scenes filmed in Italy and Honduras.  He lives in Valencia, Spain.

interview with the actors of the short film

El Heraldo publication about the triumphs of my short film at film festivals in the United States and Italy

This short film is inspired by a true story and our director and producer Moisés Sánchez made a documentary about the real story, the documentary was an official selection at the El Heraldo International Short Film Festival 2019. You can learn more about the documentary at the following link

Moisés Sánchez also made a short film in Spain that is an official selection at the El Heraldo International Film Festival. The information here:


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